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From childhood dreamsto nightmare screamsyou were there.So how do I let you go?Through teenage fearsand heartache tearsyou were there.So how do I let you go?From wedding day aisle'sand the birth of a childyou were there.So how do I let you go?You are my fatherand you were always thereto show me the way.so please tell me.How do I let you go?

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    • Some fathers are lucky.....some are not so. I didn't know the effect your poem would have on me when I read it. I felt sympathy for you and know you must have loved your dad For me, a daughter was a special bond, like no other in my life As much as I tried to hold onto that treasure...I could not my daughter and I became estranged as I tried to protect her as I did so she pushed me away and I'm afraid I suffered the triple sadness of both losing my treasure, the feeling of truly being loved and cared for and the horrible feeling of having not been able to protect her. I was doing OK until I read your line about your wedding day and the birth of a child....see I missed her birth and was not welcome at the birth of my grandaughter. Your poem (not your fault) caused these empty feelings to rush back. I suddenly felt very alone and then I realized this and wanted to tell you as you're dealing with your loss: Your father loves you! You don't have to let him go...please don't do that... He may not be present but his spirit will be watching over you. You were likely his happiest joy in life. He was blessed to see your wedding and to walk you down the aisle and to see you blossom into a woman and a mother. It was a blessing that he was there for you when you needed him there. I'm certain he's there when you need him still to wach over you and that you can still imagine his warm hug. When you miss that feeling...hug someone else as he would hug you. I'm very sorry about your loss but I'm sure he's safe and happy and wishes you now to be happy again too. I have learned the hard way about love and I know that fathers go on loving their children and their daughters thought all the pain and hurt that may come their way. Remember him in your prayers and talk to him and he will likely hear you and he will answer you in little ways that only you can see. But your poem was most touching. Be glad that you and your father were able to keep that special bond that some never enjoy and that some know and lose. So don't let him go...you don't have to.
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