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How can i desire more

How can i desire more       --- dedicated to morninglight            your comment is the first reply i received on this website, thanks a millionhow can i desire more, when your reply is already the blessing from heaven?

how can i desire more, when every word of you seems diamond?

how can i desire more, when the cold spell casted by the witch of indifference had been broken by your heart-warming voice?

how can i desire more, when the darkest night is pierced through by the lightning of your shining smile?

how can i desire more, when the disease of loneliness is cured by your potion of loveliness?

how can i desire more, when miracle is like myth in the eyes of all the mortals?

how can i desire more, when magic has already lost its original charm in this time of fake banknote?

how can i desire more?

how can i desire more?

how can i desire more?

but a little voice betrayed me in the innermost place of my heart, it shouted desperately-----

yes more and more.....

blessed are those who could drink the raindrop from the morninglight.


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    • You're very very generous for a simple comment I made. But reading this I focused on one word "indifference". Many times in life we are mistreated, misjudged and treated coldly or with indifference. There is little we can do about that except to choose how we should try to treat others. Kindness and courtesy are sometimes learned from our own bad experiences. Anyway, good luck on your poetry.
      • maybe it seems simple to you, but it seems precious to me, it's not i who am generous but you are the one who is generous. for without a comment a poem will become a dead pool, it will stink and become foul, for nothing remains unmoved except the dead ones, and the reason why god creats the heat and the cold is to stir it up and to make it alive and make it alive every moment, someone calls it metabolism, someone miracle, some resurrection, yet in essence they are all one. so without your comment my pool of blog will become dead and stink and could never come to life again. and all the comments and all the blogs on this website composed, is composing the great symphony of harmony of men. so though the comment maybe short, yet it will have a profound effect on the receiver of it. it's even like a butterfly who flying across all the flowers and become the medium of all their fruitful pregnancy. so thanks again for your comment, and wish you a happy day.
        • Very intense, extremely heartfelt comment, and quite kind sintiments... wow ... ... Morninglight is and our own well wisher, the most consistently kind and encouraging man, always. I do believe he has more peoms written about him... or for him, or dedicated TO him, than anyother here, and all with good reason. He takes the time to consider your words, reads between the lines... I personally think he should be on the payrole here at lovelandia, lol! Bianhua, you certainly have a way with words, I sincerely have enjoyed reading your thoughts, comments and poems. From the shortest to lengthier, they are full of passion and beautiful, all. Welcome, it is a pleasure reading them. ~C~
        • thanks a million, che57vy, another gentle wind over my dead pool of blog, and a soft touch of it on its surface had aready stired an unquenchable fire in it, making it seethe and seethe again, until the whole pool evaporated into heaven, and turned them from the heavy fluid into the free spirits, like little elves in all fairy tales, they want nothing but freedom, yet they are all enchanted little ones, and unless they met the princess, they will remain the same thrall all their lifetime. yes you are that very princess liberating me from the horrible spell of that horrible enchantress. for you are the one who knows the right antidote against the poison of that wicked enchantress, yes, a gentle word from your lips would conquer all her curses, and turn me from a bug into a bud again. yes it's the power of true communication, it works miracles, for it comes from heart, not somewhere else. yes morninglight is sweet and kind to all those who blog here. he's sowing quite a lot seeds, and they are budding now and then, till they are all in full bloom. and then he receives all his labors, a beautiful garden of bliss. thanks a lot again for your comment, and all your attention paid on my blog. good night~ all good wishes.
          • Tears from my soul are now burning my cheeks as they slowly make their way toward my heart. You are far too generous, for you do not know me... gosh bianhua, I am basically speechless at the beauty of your thoughts. Thank you for making my day brighter. Good night... ~c~
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