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High Hopes a.k.a Friends To Lovers Part 2

this is for the greatest person
that I have ever known
being around you for so long
and i am still feeling so alone

look how we started out
and i thought the friendship had end
but then you came back around
and now we are more than best of friends

with you i am so happy
you keep my heart content
i tell you that i love you
but truthfully- to what extent?

i can't seem to stop my love
and how I feel for you
i try so hard to deny this feeling at night
and I don't know what to do

i try to lie to myself
but when i see your face I cant believe
"what would happen to my babygurl,
if one day i should just leave"

i promised i would never again
let someone take my heart
and here i am wanting so much of you
hating that we're apart

everyday u are in my thoughts
n every night you're in my dreams
i can't believe what's happening to us
is this really what it seems?

i know you hope
not to risk us and lose being friends
but i am asking you sincerely
if it's a rule you''ll bend.

to take a chance to know me
to let me share it all
and maybe one day very soon
for me one day u will fall

cuz the friendship we now have
is something that i hope to never miss
but maybe once if we go further
we will find eternal happiness

i love how when we r talking
i can always make u smile
but do I really have to wait forever for you to be inlove with me?
hmmn i guess I will have to wait awhile.

i believe time will reveal,
what truly lies ahead
but always remember me
and what I have always said

meeting you has changed my life
and I really love you so,
and the feelings I feel for you
i am never-ever letting go

remember me always
and I will do too
i will always love you babe
and think of me and you

i will never hurt you baby
i promise......for as long as i live
i know you are used to alot more
but this love for now is all i have to give

its just really cherish u my love
so much i just dont know what to do
and i am sorry how i make you feel
as if there is something wrong with you

i guess there is nothing more for me to prove
nothing left for me to say
i just really want you to fall inlove with me
....just.........inlove .......someday

Written By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes Legacy

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