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hes with me

i feel his hug even tho i know hes gone and i catch a wif of the smell i once knew i hate that hes holding her in his arms and not touching me while we watch the night skies. i sit tonight and bring back the memories of when hes with me. hes with me even if im holding on to something that isnt even there. i see him smiling at me and i think to myself that i want to be with him forever.i see a shooting star and make a wish i hear a knock on the door and i go see whos there but its nobody just like me im invisble to him and hes my reality in daydreams. waiting for love to come and knock me down i know hes gone forever and hes never coming back. i feel his lips and taste his mouth and suddenly i want to die give up on love cause i know its never going to be the same when i find it. i sit tonight and wait for morning to come and to hear the familiar voice in my ear whispering i love you and then turning around and getting kissed by him. im alone and lonely so i sit and dream waiting for the moment when sleep calls. i let everything die the night he yelled that he was leaving and never coming back i waited night and day for weeks and months but he never came back so tonight isit alone letting dead memories take over and wanting to die.


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