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Help Me Find Strength...

Help me find my strength within
Where do I look, where to begin..?
I'm feeling weak and lost it's true
Longing for one man, he's too good to be true...


I find I'm so lonely that I overlook
Yet there are things that I need, to get hooked...
Lately I seem willing to accept so much less
Where is my strength, I can't even guess.


It's sad to me, that I have lost my self esteem
To tell me you like me... is that all I need??
For so many years I've let my life drift right by,
But there are values I need, that I want to find...


I actually just need an honest man
One who wants open communication.
This is important to me, as this brings trust
Talking about everything... to me is a must!


No more men filled with such lies
I can't keep up, I don't want to try.
What's so bad or hard, about honesty..?
I'm honest with you, be honest with me!


Respect is earned from allot of things...
It's too is important, since trust it brings.
There you have it, most all my requests
If you agree with me, then you've passed my test.


Please help me understand just why it's so
That the ones I meet, appear not to know...
Honesty, respect, communication and trust
Without these things you have no chance for love, just lust.


I shouldn't even bother to search for some love
I probably wouldn't know it, if I was hit with it's glove!
I need to try harder to stick to my goals!
Without some values, my soul is just sold...


My spirit feels empty, no will to trudge on
Everywhere I look, it's the same 'ole song...
Never once has one loved me, or even been kind
Not for more than a week or two... this,  I find.


Time is fast moving, suddenly I'm old
My heart is shriveling, it's lonely and cold...
Where is the joy that I know I should feel
For being alive!  For me it's no big deal.


Please just help me, find the courage to seek...
The one single man who into my soul, will just peek!
I've goodness and truth, I'm steadfast and true
Please help me accept my lot, and be happy, not blue... 


I'd like to be happy, even though I'm alone
I'd like to feel content in my little home.
Maybe I could function better if I could let go
Of the desire to be loved, and just accept being alone.

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