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Heaven Or Hell

I've uncovered your secretYou didn't want anyone to revealI gave my heart to youYou're not realYou greeted love with silenceYour silent claim to fameI've accepted the blameAll my love in vainYou came like a gentle breezeThat precedes a Spring stormHit me like a hurricaneBut only cozy and warmYou left like a whirlwindWith deafening silenceTo you I had my heart pinnedI felt the hurt and the violenceNow I understandJust want you to know it's OKJust something I had to go throughI still love you anywayI found care in anotherGuess life works out in a wayJust know in your heartI'd never throw you awayI'm going to love youIn spite of your gameI'm nobody to youBut you sure remember my nameWe'll meet again somedayI promise we willI will still care about youHeaven or Hell

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