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Heaven of God is by Goodness Won

When mood is damn sad, just start to pray
Your low spirit, to the Almighty, wisely convey

He will take your case with a noble mind
And a perfect way to help, He will find

Prayer when is delivered, solutions emerge
But, one must get compulsorily praying urge

God does the best whether one prays or not
He will surely help even when He is not sought

Heart of God is purer than gold in all the ways
There, the source of Justice, we all can trace

A believer may be sent to Hell though he believes
In case with the worst attitude he on earth lives

An atheist may be given pardon and also blessing
If he follows honesty and brings to life cool spring

Impartial God follows the happenings seriously
He rewards honesty making truth live gloriously

Never can a bluff gain in His view great respect
For every action, He gives surely the best effect

Love, mercy, kindness, faith and belief, He blesses
Based upon one's intention, a soul, He assesses

Heaven is reserved for those kindest souls only
Placement in Hell is done properly and perfectly.


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