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Hair Styling Products

Every woman needs hair styling products to volumize a hairdo, to make it shine and to fix it. Mousse adds volume to a hairdo and helps keep locks longer. This product is applied on wet hair before fan hair setting. You would better not apply too much mousse, otherwise your hair will look untidy. Styling lotion is better to use at hair setting with fan or with curlers. The lotion adds volume and durability to a hairdo. hair care productsIn contrast to mousse lotion can be applied on dry hair as well. If you set your hair with fan you would better buy a special lotion for fan hair setting, it contains nutrients protecting your hair from a harmful effect of hot air. However this lotion can’t provide you with strong fixation. As for gel, it makes your hairdo very durable. You can shape your short hairdo in different ways with the gel and make it durable. You can also use gel to make locks and waves of thick hair, which is difficult to set with other kinds of styling products. Moist gel creates an effect of wet hair. Hair wax helps in arranging of curly and dry hair. Simultaneously it cares about your hair thank to the fat it contains and thus making hair more flexible for setting and more shining. To finish the setting you can use hair spray. It fixes the hairdo and adds some shine to your hair. You shouldn’t comb your hair after spraying it. It is also recommended to use alternative products for hair setting. You can manage unruly hair with the help of salt or sweet water. Citrus juice makes hair shining. You can use beer, milk or kvass (a Russian drink) instead of mousse. Use gelatin grout for thin and naughty hair instead of gel. To do that you should take gelatin, the third part of a teaspoon, and pour it with water, half of a glass. Leave it for 3 hours and then let it start boiling but don’t boil to the full! Stir it up carefully and cool the mixture. Strain the grout and apply on your hair. Use of a wetting cream or cosmetic milk gives an effect of moist gel. For thin hair setting you can take a decoction made of linseed. To prepare that decoction you will need 1 teaspoon of linseed poured with water, half of a glass. Then boil it for 20 minutes, cool and strain. Apply this decoction on your hair before setting. You may use any nourishing cream for dry skin instead of wax. Written by Trisha Wood Submitted by Trisha Wood

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