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Hair Care: Love Your Hair

Do you pay attention to girls advertising new congenial shampoo? Do they have bright makeup? No… Oh, have they fantastic jewelry? No… May be this is a pair of an elegant shoes you dream the whole life about that has arrested your attention during the fleeting 6 seconds of ads? .. Surely, no. Your attention is captured by splendid, well-groomed, thick, long… chic hair!hair care tipsIn case the advertisements were far from real life there won’t be any sense for it to exist. Out of lack of time you may not pay much effort to your makeup or even throw out of your head the thought about specially bought pendent for your new blouse and go barefoot at all! These all may turn to be just a background if you have finely set hairdo. If your hair has a healthy looks so that it is very hard to resist temptation to touch it to check whether it is real or not, you’ll be easily forgiven for all the rest. So to have your hair perfectly set without much effort taken when drying you need to know the following things: The hairstyle that would suit you the best way and regularly maintained. You won’t have any necessity in blow-drying, hot rollers or hair curlers if your hairstyle is masterly maintained. This will not only save your time but also help to keep your hair healthy for in this case you may avoid such problems as both the natural humidity loss and mechanical influence. This especially is a question of vital importance for those who washes hair every day. Else it is important to refresh your hairstyle regularly. The point here is that a hair grows each with its own speed and even the best hairstyle will lose its precision form in 4-5 weeks. The care that suits your hair type. hair typeEverything will work well on your hair that makes it smooth. It might be some sour conditioner that is applied on your hair after the basic washing and wash off immediately, or, a lotion, that should be left on hair (for example moisturizing one if your hair is dry and spiny to the touch, or some volumising lotion to add shine and volume to thin hair). These products can be used regularly. They cover the surface of a hair with a thin film to provide it with flexibility and make it less sensitive to the high temperatures of blow-drying and other means of hair set. Nourishing and protective effect can be also achieved by some intensive medicinal courses. Such hair care products should be left on hair for 10 minutes, they usually contain special nutrients to make your hair smooth and enrich it with the missing elements. Note! Excessive hair care can be equally dangerous as well as its lack. Your hair will suffer from this excessive attention and will make you suffer too: it becomes naughty and hard to set. The reason? This is likely the over-use of hair medicinal products. The basic rule: no more than once in a week, lotion or conditioner- it depends on your hair type (it is even recommended in one wash). Besides after you’ve discovered that your hair is oversaturated with all kinds of products applied you should stop their usage for some time and moreover change the shampoo for the neutral one. The mechanical and chemical stresses avoidance. haircare tipsLet’s start with the fact that damp hair is more sensitive inasmuch as keratin contained in its structure softens thus making hair structure more vulnerable. You shouldn’t try to comb it right after washing – it can be stretched that will inevitably lead to fragility of hair and will make it weak. The most reasonable decision you can make here especially if you have long hair is to dry it a bit with your fingers or use for this a special comb with rare tooth. Hold your hair in the middle while combing and start to comb not from the roots of it but from the ends. Don’t use metal comb – good plastic will be better here. Dry your hair step by step without fan; first using a towel then your fingers (rare toothed comb). Afterwards use the fan at max level. And only then when there is not much humidity left in your hair switch the fan to the lower regime to shape it. Do not bring the fan close to hair. The stream of the air should pass from the roots to the ends. The best for your hair is to let it dry naturally as often as possible. hairstyleSpecial attention should of course be paid to the instruments used. Combs, brushes and curlers of a low quality break the structure of a hair and even make it prone to breakage at the thin points. In case your hair is subjected to a lot of everyday manipulations sooner or later it will become naughty, lackluster and coarse. The main thing you should pay attention to here is that the teeth of your comb should be made round. The most optimal are mixed combs having one part of the teeth made from natural materials, whereas the other part – from artificial. Round combs are best for curling especially if short and long teeth are combined that will do a lot not to tangle your hair while drying. Do not use curlers with stickers or thorns on sensitive hair. You’d better then use rollers with soft surface.
Written by Trisha Wood
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