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goodbye can mean a second chance

ive died inside yes i know keep my head up and faith alive trust me ive tried i just go in around and around just to end up in the same placejust another lost soul gone without a trace im tired of trying because the more i do i feel like im dien why am i fighting to live if im just living to die can someone please tell me why?so much pain and heart aches with every day my heart breaks every step of the way i find my self a stray staryed from the real me its like im trying to be what im unable to be this is my life i just wish you could see everyone makes mistakesand i know there are no life retakes this is like the only thing i know its like the past is something i cant let go where i go from here; i do not know but i know this road will be long and dim my future is looking grim im trying to find the light but it seems im struggling to find wats right no one knows how much ive triedto change my self withinbut sometimes i dont even know where to beginim not trying to be how others want to seebut i know i must change mein order to survive and do goodi just wish someone understoodi made for more them im doing nowi juz have to break away and learn howi know i can change

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    • This inner struggle you're talking about.. I feel the horrible pain of it as I went through the same thing inside. Sometime the innner battle is harder than the one on the outside. Nobody can change your life...only you can but sometimes talking to someone who has confronted the same can help. I'd be glad to tell you the things that helped me to find hope in the face of adversity. People can pont to things...but it's like riding a bike...you have to feel it, you have to balance it but I might be able to lend a helping hand with a few things I can tell you. I'll just say this.....LOVE is already inside of you.
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