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I thought if I lost you again id be nothing, worthless, and ashamed. But without you I now gained everything, im now something. I dont need you like I thought. You oblivsly dont need me, which im perfectly fine with. But the thing is even when I was with you I felt nothing, worthless, and ashamed. So let me go, and ill do the same. No more coming back for more. Starting frest, starting new. No more lies, no more put downs, and no more crys. Its the end of a you and me. So dont expect any misery. Im done, and yes it is hard, but im finally doing it, finally letting go. Im through with feeling how I was, yeah I do wish it could be diffrent, but it was your choice. So no worries, im not coming back. I left, im out the door. Im stronger then iv ever thought before. Hell Im stronger then you ever known at all. I guess you really dont know when you are strong untill you have to be, So erase me from your memory and ill do the same. We'll be left with nothing but memories. It'll be hard but we can do it. Not together. Not again, but alone, we'll work on it. So good- bye to you, im letting go of us. GOOD-BYE!!

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