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goddess of chaos

goddess of chaosstands between two rivers,one's called the sane;the other, the madness.she offers the ancient wineto those who are worthy,and shows them the highest artof becoming insane completely.no one ever drank her winewould want the wine of any other kind.for there's an amazing power in it,it make those who see blind,and those who can hear deaf.and a mute once acknowledgedhe was cured by her from his talkativeness.all those healed call themselves blessed,for without the curse of this mad goddess,no one can escape the doom of freedom.no one had attained to the summit of insanity.no one had tasted the spring of frenzy.except those who were sealed by her sticky tongueand bathed in her delicious fart.don't attempt to shut me up,i'm not sane, or healthy,for i regard her turbidityas my only source of felicity.if you don't believe what i said,please give a nose to my body,it still sends out the fragrance of her crazy.

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    • Wow... Reading this made my pulse race and my heart slam against my chest... very intense.... ~c~
      • Che, thanks for your enjoying it. hope we could all become insane in the land of chaos, and be blessed by the goddess of it, so that we could once again return to the eden of joy, and repeat the rythme of happiness~ : )
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