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Gloom in my Heart-room

Sorrow has made a theftNo joy to kindly upliftMind is terribly upsetDo I to fate owe a debt?Fate is cunning terriblyI am living very feeblyRelations are demolishedHappiness is finishedDevils laugh at me loudlyAfter downing me cruellyMind is feeling devastatedAs bitterness is by it tastedGloom has made a tentIn my heart to badly huntI am made mentally blindAs nothing good, I findSun and Moon come and goTo be happy, I don"t knowHeart feels life's severe weightWorry has shown its real mightMy hopes are shatteredI am terribly batteredI only to God ever appealHoping He would healHe alone is my true hopePrayer alone gives scopeI possess no gutsBut, in heart, cutsI am madly drivenAway from HeavenBy fate, I am kickedBy devils, I am trickedI run madly here and thereAs there is none to careGod goes away from meBy behaving like an enemyMy path has thornsGetting sad dawnsI am to suffer destinedTo quit, I have opined.
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