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i wish someone could give me a good answer as to how to get over you, it , the last ten years. I'm at my wits end and feel like I'm loosing it here.i know i should act like nothing is wrong and put on a happy face. things will get better..right? there will be happier days?it's just hard for me to see that view. cause i can't imagine being happy without you. i look forward to the day when I'll be able to say..that i truly am happy for you. i all ways wanted you to be happy and i still do. but right now its very hard for me to act like nothing is wrong.. cause I'm still in love with you.

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    • Many good people go through the same feelings. You have to come to peace with your love for her....separate it from your own dreams. You'll realize you've attached your dreams to her. When you separate them....you'll likely find you still love her. There is only peace in that love...just a sense of compassion, love and kindness toward her. It's the dreams you must let go of and mourn. They were YOUR dreams. Drop them in a trash can put the lid on it and walk away. Realize: No new dream can come while you hang onto a dream that wan't meant to be. It's hard to let go of our dreams....always is. Have faith that there is someone else intended for you. Life usually works out somehow in the long run.
      • we have in the same shoe po. im sad coz i can't have him and yet i need to be happy for him. everytime i tried to moved on, he's there to confuse me again and again.i really dont know what he wants me to do.
        • cry, mourn, then if you cant cry anymore then it is time to move on. sometimes being alone aint so bad. you will have time for yourself. if you could learn to love your self more then you can start being happy....
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