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Friends To Lovers

i never knew i would find sum1
who is more than just a friend
sum1 i plan to love forever
until the very end
its hard to describe in words
the way i truely feel
its like i can't live without you
so i guess this love is real
i hope to shun these feelings
though I am not sure if I should try
because this is best thing I've ever felt
but the immence happiness makes me cry
i think about you everyday
then i start to want you even more
i would give up everything to be with you
i have never felt like this before
should i climb the highest tower
swim along the ocean floor
crawl over broken glass for you
would you demand that i do more?
just to prove how much i love you
to make you understand
how much i long for 1 kiss
or the simplest touch of your hand
to show you how much i need you
in each and every way
to hear you say i love you dre
would take my breath away
it would take away my pain
and all my haunting fear
just to know that you love me
and will always be here
would you love me forever
and mend my broken heart
are you willing to piece together
wat others tore apart?
you are the girl of my dreams
and i dont want any other
you are my one true love baby
and i want us to be together
even though the circumstances may stop me
from actually being with you
at times it means nothing cause-
it wont stop me from loving you
its a deep feeling inside
i cant seem to control
its like you have the other half of my body
my heart and my soul
i am wishing for your kisses
and i long for your touch
i hope you fell the same way
and im not asking for too much
am i asking for wishes
that can never quite come true
is my heart my greatest fault
cause i cant stop loving you
i must ask of one small thing
before a serious relationship starts
please dont hurt me baby
i cant live through another broken heart.
Written By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes Legacy

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