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Friend Or Foe?

What have we become?
Why do you act this way?
I thought we were more then friends,
Every night and everyday.
My feelings are changing,
Like summer and winter meets.
How can I move on?
When you are all I can see.
With every night, and with everyday,
Your presence I feel in my heart.
Dreaming that you will be here for me,
And realize that you were wrong from the start.
What has happened to us?
What is our fate?
As I gaze into the sky,
I realize it may be too late.
I hate that you can't admit,
That everything was a lie.
I hope that one day you can see,
Or even begin to realize.
You said it was okay,
That life comes and goes.
But now I question what is real,
Are we Friends? Or are we Foes?

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