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Four copies of the darkness in Aion

Four copies of the darkness in Aion


For most black coat or arms of the addition to not get the other players who all won, and now into the darkness are quite helpless, from scratch to play in the end, only to the last moment, it is painstakingly. Do not try to imitate the dark 4 B team played the way T-shirt and some weapons(aion Kinah), by the way can make a lot of Qena, why not do it?

We are a long-term fight dark B-class 4-man teams. Configured as:
Bow Star(a copy of captain, led) Germany to a dark hat and a full set of jewelry Anu. Protect the law. Anu magic set arms 3 more tragic war, has been engaged in less than arms, the dark full jewelry. Sword Star Anu and public condemnation of the old mix and match weapons Anu Shuangshoujian dark necklace jewelry demand only. Nurse Anu full light of the Soviet hammer weapon is a full set of dark jewelry to up ypur level(Aion Powerleveling).

Time generally: 2 and a half hours to complete (including the sale of equipment time, but do not fight the three bugs, because the price is not high things, and is a waste of time), scores are generally controlled 13200-13500 B Grade. So many copies of each revenue per game range in 1000-2000W in Aion.


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