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Once there was a beautiful garden
With different flowers raise from heaven
Each of them shines individually
Except for one standing in misery.

Everyday visitors are coming
To visits, nourish, continue flying
If some of the flowers are really enjoying
The 'forgotten flower' are still in line waiting.

The garden is busy as the sun rise above
Inside was flirrting, sprinkle some love
If the flowers felt proud for being special
The 'forgotten flower' no one cares in particular.

Some of the flowers dancing with grace
The 'forgotten flower' stuck in one place
Hidden it seems a truly grimace
Maybe for them her beaty is waste.

Then one day a strom stepped in
Most were afraid as it wreck the garden
Some were shouting, some were crying
The 'forgotten flower' cover them from rain.

After the storm, mr. Sun came out.
Bees and Butterflies busy in water sprout.
While playing, they keep on asking
"Aren't you happy, Your lives remain?"

All of the flowers standing straight
Ask what happen to 'fogottens' fate
She's always forgotten, never felt love
But she saves others from harm, a total thumbs up!

To offer some thanks everybody was searching
The entire flowers, bees, butterflies seeking
But they can't find her, she's still missing
Till they found out....the 'FORGOTTEN FLOWER' was now in Heaven.



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