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Forgive Thee

I think about hardships

I think about woes

I think about all the times

I would have let you go

I cried about little things

I cried about a lot

But then you came along

And I immediately forgot

Pain is only temporary

And I don’t intend to live forever

So bear with me

While I fight this endeavor

I love you, and only you

I just wish you could see

That it’s you, only you

This is my plea!


Isn’t it time we found another story?

But it’s all I got when I face

The darkness of confounded glory

I’m selfish

I’m weak

I’m a pain

I’m bleak

I seem to have trust issues

Regarding both sides of the field

But when the truth comes out

A lie is suddenly revealed

How that haunts me

That no one will believe

How that taunts me

That I, apparently, deceive

So, leave me be for a while

Everyone please...

Before you hurt me anymore...

Before you too, catch the disease

I love you all...

And that’s the solid truth

I love him more...

Oh, I’m sorry, how dare I be so uncouth...

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