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Forever won't Change

1 down forever to goWhats left in this endless miserable showChances are flying at me as fast as lightAnd im hardly putting up a fightI look at each set of chances with a million and one thoughtsBut im blindsided by the pain it has broughtI need a path a light some patch of new hopeBut the world has no room for me to copeI lose my grip im starting my decent What time have i actually spentWhere has my head truly been foundIs it down the right path or do people want me to be downOr is it in this surreal world where thoughts are a problem of their ownAnd it doesnt need our help to be nurtured or grownSomeone pull me in take me to that placeThese problems have turned me into a disgraceWhere has the love truly goneSomeonce come with me to see if it can be foundIll search night and day to see if it will show its faceBecause without it i cant find my placeIll scream til i have one last breathAnd my very last words will be i want Joey back


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