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Promise forever, you'll always be mine.

I wear this necklace- my eternal sign.

It's funny how easily forever is broken...

... A few harsh words so brutally spoken.

Pushed, a little too far, a little too fast...

And suddenly forever is far in the past.

I held on so long, begging for you

Now its your turn to see this is true.

Why can't we both be in the same place and time?

... Why can't you fix this all on a dime?

I remember the day, I first fell for you

& the day I stopped waiting for a clue.

You never asked me to stay, until you knew I was gone..

Why do we always have to hurt; love's little pawn.

I forgot what it felt like to feel something real...

And now I'm stuck in time; trying to deal.

It's like the clock has stopped ticking,

And we're both stuck picking.

Trying to move on with our lives, while our hearts still entangle.

... While the memories strangle.

I never foresaw breaking our hearts...

... I never saw us moving parts.

I thought forever, meant all I said;

A house in a cabin, a love never dead.

It's funny, now, to think on that day...

You pulled me so close to hear all I could say.

Now, as I sit, I'll promise forever...

It'll mean what I say, and it will not sever.

Every word you've written, is etched in my heart.

So, even when you leave... we shall never truly part.

I love you more, than I did when I met you.

And forever, forever will always be true.

You broke my forever, and I broke yours, too.

And because we can't fix them... I'm stuck here for you.

Grudges and anger, prevent time from turning;

So I'll wait here forever, forever yearning...

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