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Flown Away

We wish for a friend
Honest caring and true
Someone who will stop
And listen to our heartbeat
And feel it all the way through

I've sometimes felt a kind touch
A beautiful spirit
Embodied in angels I think about
And miss so much
I swear it's only for beautiful hearts
That I survive
It's just their passing touch
That keeps me alive

But what they don't realize
is how much they mean to me
That I keep them in my heart
so much more than they see
There is a longing in me
Sometimes I whisper a name
Something missing in me with out her
No two freinds are exactly the same

Perhaps this bell has the saddest ring
Having love for others
only to realize
It just doesn't seem to mean a thing
I love you . I care for you
My heart strives to sing
But it doesn't cause them to recall me
My friends have all blown other directions
They've all taken wing

But here somehow in my heart
That love and recollection I will keep
I'll think back after I pray
And rewind cherished moments
As try to fall to sleep
My care, I never knew it was so deep
I wish friendship really meant something
To someone and didn't feel so cheap

If I was a bird I'd fly far away
If I was condemned as I am
I just should walk the other way
If I had a losing hand
I should have thrown it away
If I was just yesterday
I should find another today
But still my hopes to be reunited
Make me stay

I guess I love my friends forever
I just miss them a lot today
Much more than any words
Could possibly say
I just pray
For a kinder day

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