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Flown Away

We wish for a friendHonest caring and trueSomeone who will stopAnd listen to our heartbeatAnd feel it all the way throughI've sometimes felt a kind touchA beautiful spiritEmbodied in angels I think about And miss so muchI swear it's only for beautiful heartsThat I surviveIt's just their passing touchThat keeps me aliveBut what they don't realizeis how much they mean to meThat I keep them in my heartso much more than they seeThere is a longing in me Sometimes I whisper a nameSomething missing in me with out herNo two freinds are exactly the samePerhaps this bell has the saddest ringHaving love for othersonly to realize It just doesn't seem to mean a thingI love you . I care for youMy heart strives to singBut it doesn't cause them to recall meMy friends have all blown other directionsThey've all taken wingBut here somehow in my heartThat love and recollection I will keepI'll think back after I prayAnd rewind cherished momentsAs try to fall to sleepMy care, I never knew it was so deepI wish friendship really meant somethingTo someone and didn't feel so cheapIf I was a bird I'd fly far awayIf I was condemned as I amI just should walk the other wayIf I had a losing handI should have thrown it awayIf I was just yesterdayI should find another todayBut still my hopes to be reunitedMake me stayI guess I love my friends foreverI just miss them a lot todayMuch more than any wordsCould possibly sayI just prayFor a kinder day

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