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Find Her, Him Complete

Alone, on the snowy windswept hill, she waits for the one to come and save her. Alone, on the dusty plain, he searches for the one to make him complete again. Wearily, she looks to the rising sun, praying that with the night, her long wait is over. Wearily, he looks to the setting sun, knowing that another day has passed in failure. She hangs her head, wondering if she is doomed to wait forever. He hangs his head, wondering if he is searching in vain. Sighing, she looks to the south, making up her mind that no one was coming. Sighing, he looks to the north, trying one last time, in a place where he could be alone if he failed. Giving in, she settles into the ground, no longer fights the weariness, she succumbs to sleep. Giving in, he sets his sights on a far away hill, knowing that the soft snow on the side would offer what he wanted. She hears the boots crunching through the snow up the hill, but cannot believe her ears, she fights her hopes and remains still. He sees the indention in the snow ahead of him, and does not trust his eyes, he fights sleep to see what had fallen. She looks up now, now believing, and catches the eyes of her savior. He looks down now, now trusting, and catches the eyes of his true angel. She blinks, he smiles. He kneels down, she sits up. He reaches down, and gathers her into his arms, no longer feeling that emptiness. She reaches up, and clings to his neck, no longer fearing, for she has been saved. Together, they travel back south, neither in pain, neither in danger, they journey home under the midnight moon.

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