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Wintertime has come to end
As I feel the breeze of wind
Along my room a shadow alone
Breakin' news heard from the phone.

What to do to keep me strong
when something wrong unfolds at home
Tell me how to accept the fact
If my hearts breaking apart.

When you bid a sounding bye
And leaving me in teary eye
All I can do is just cry
It's so early, why... oh why????

My apology if I'm not there
To help you in the battle of fear
For very last till you lost your sight
I know you did a very good fight.

Wait for me I'm on my way
If i see you I don't know what to say
A bunch of thanks were on my mind
For my whole life you're one of a kind.

You lend your hand when I first try
You gave your heart when I was about to cry
You share your life when I'm feeling down
Now its hard for me not to see you around.

This point of time I had one wish
That you may rest totally in peace
Far and away, a  goodbye kiss
Sealed with love and warm embrace.

Your presence I will surely miss
A part of you forever in my memories
This could be my final goodbye
But my love for you will never die.........

****to my close friend.....a dedication for the sad demise of her mother way back to our home country.....****




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