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Laughingwhen you in to someone eyes you can tell if you have deep feelings for  that special someone or something or even jus real.when you try to tell that person wat you feel inside its kinda hard when its your best friend . its most likely that they may not feeel the same way unless there hiding it under neith there skin when no oneo knows cause there secrative or just quiet .when you love someoone so deeply it really hard to be around that person when you so nervoice around them and jus dont now how to control your shyness in aqny other short of way thats why its so littkle and diffrent for many diffrent people at so maany diffrent times in so many diffrent ways that you show your special feelings for that special someone think about it and you mighht jknow what i mean or maybe not but youall see when the time is right and not about to pass you by .so take it or leave your feelings behoind

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