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Happiness is spent never well enough
Glory comes next his intentions are rough
Pain sets in with a chance its blow
Misery is near by enjoying the show
Fate comes in and annouces whos up
Insanity creeps in and turns me corrupt
Confusion follows his goals are clear
Destiny comes in and shows whats near
Jealousy stands now his thoughts so wise
Hate brings in all memories only good to my demise
Fear is lurking through the dark i can feel its thoughts
Regret is running bringing old pain it has wrought
Patience grows tired and it slowly drifts away
Understanding soon follows not knowing its way
Bravery gets spooked and makes its run
Joy wants to follow but he never could come
Truth soon gives up his career and tells only lies
Inspiration tries to be unique but it ends in a sigh
Peace couldnt wait so he started a war
Time got behind and he couldnt restore
Love held its heart but could love no more
Lonliness laughed because he is not in this war
So the battle waged on and many died with a scream
But one remained and her name is A dream
But one other soon appears his face filled with might
His name was faith and he would run through the night
He would carry his memories like a light in the dark
And that dream was all he needed to find her spark
She sat at waited for the boy named faith to come
And she imagined all the things he has done
He traveled the world looking for his dream
He walked across mountains and swam through seas
As she waited she looked at all who haved died
The many of emotions that often made her cry
He finally saw her across the land
She was sitting under a tree perfecting her plan
Her plan was a world where Trust is truly trust
And being there for another was always a must
He ran as if his feet were off the ground
For that one dream he had truly turned him around
He finally locked eyes and explained his dream
And she had told him that she had the same scene
So he told her how a dream can make a life
And she showed him how faith is a strive
So they sat down under the midnight sky
and it seemed that the world just passed them by
They sat and devised a brand new plot
Where dreams and faith is all you have got


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