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Feeling All Alone

I sit here, it’s late, feeling all aloneI want to call you on the telephoneI want to wake up to see your beautiful faceSweep you up and get away from this placeBack to the day when we first metWhen our time together was never setWhen most our days turned into nightsWhen the love we shared always felt so rightDrinking and laughing at the local barPacking our friends into one of our carsFeeling good from Captain Morgan and CokeExtending the fun until the daylight brokeI wish these times never had to endWhen you were my lover, you were my best friendAlthough we lived our lives fancy and freeI was with you and you were here with meWe never let anything keep us apartWe listened to no one, we just heard with our heartGod never told me of the price I’d payWhen he gave you to me then he took you awayBut now, I sit here, feeling all aloneI can’t even call you on the telephoneWithout you lying here next to meThis is a place where I’d rather not beIf I can’t wake to see your beautiful faceThen I’ll sweep up my heart and get away from this place.

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