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Fairy Styles at a Ball: Hairstyles, Gowns...

There is nothing more exciting and pleasant than to array oneself in an evening dress, that will turn you into a real goddess and as a result will ensure you many men’s excited stares. The beauty, finesse and sophistication of the unique masterpieces of the great designers attract and inspires but gradually the enthusiastic look gives way to thoughtful expression: for what occasion this “magnificence” should be put on? It will be quite o.k. for the New Year party or solemn soiree but you will acquire pretentious air if wearing it for a birthday party. Such a dress is an excellent way to “shine” when going in restaurant or a great stars party. So, let’s go there, where without any shade of confusion or any other conventionalities you will be able to try on that very image of Cinderella at her first enchanting ball.hairstyles celebrity stylesThe Forest Fairy Do you want to be compared with a forest fairy, elf, enchantress or Eve? Then, pay your attention to the true work of art by Jean Paul Gaultier. Look how much elegancy, grace, charm and sexuality are hidden in it! The green gauze wrapping the body is studded with tiny posies and leaflets. The basis of the dress is a flesh-colored corset decorated by the legendary fashion designer with garlands of green petals. Green cobweb and a cascade of leaves and blades of grass are used to serve as a skirt. It looks like a naked body is decorated with spring foliage. hairstyles celebrity stylesThe Hawaiian princess Ungaro suggests very extraordinary dress reminiscent of rare pearl brought from the burning exotic Islands. Try to get a perfect tan before you’ll put on this dress for the bodice of the dress is nothing more than the gauzy white lace embroidered with exclusive flowers. The slinky skirt with a long train creates a fluffy feathery image reacting to every breath of the air and jutting out extensively while walking. However if to take a more deep look one can noticed a tiny parts of chiffon, tulle and taffeta joined together. The necklace of white flowers will add to your perfection and will stress the beauty of your tan. hairstyles celebrity stylesCinderella or the Little Witch Chanel’s delicate pink dress with its luxuriant skirt and a corset while being deprived of any ornamental details and adornments looks most likely to be the dress Cinderella attended her first ball at the Palace. The shine of chiffon, the foam of lace and the bright satin are here to stress the freshness, youth and virginity of the young princess whereas the simplicity and naiveté of the apparel itself emphasizes the semi-transparent chiffon mantelet and a pink flower fixed in the hair. Nevertheless if you want to have bold and even provoking look you’d better wear black slinky low-cut dress with a long train. The make up should be made in dark shades plus long loose hair – does it resemble you somebody? Probably Karl Lagerfeld was guided by the vivid image of Marticia from “The Addams Family”. hairstyles celebrity stylesThe Queen of Flowers This striking beauty attracts and inspires. Christian Lacroix flower-dress will make you look like an exotic delicate flower. Slinky bodice with a low waistline alongside with an incredibly luxuriant skirt consisting of large multicolored and chaotically fixed flounces is nothing more than the brilliant, enchanting and dangerous beauty in its true manifestation. hairstyles celebrity stylesThe Water-Nymph You will obtain an effective look on the background of the beautiful sunset and mildly splashing waves dressed in the flowing dress with semi–transparent bodice and sleeves decorated with silver and paste stones designed by Versace. The soft fabric of dark and pale blue tints slowly changing from light to dark shades streams, flows, purls and sways down the body like a little flirty brook. Silvery open-toe sandals will do a lot to complete the image of the captivating water-nymph. hairstyles celebrity stylesCzarina of Shamahan Sensual and sexy eastern image. Ive Sen Loran has created simple but at the same time rather extraordinary dress made of golden brocade. It is more likely to be several pieces of the cloth delicately veiling hips and bosom and flirty revealing belly. No other accessories and decorations but a golden hood to look a bit mysterious. Well, if from the images listed above you still didn’t find yours pay your attention to simple but elegant Valentino. The snowy cotton dress slightly bell-bottomed is supplemented with lacy insets and is decorated with tiny flowerets. Very timid and romantic. Written by Trisha Wood Submitted by Trisha Wood

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