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Everytime You Think it will be different....

Hi -Hello-Whats your name ..how you doing?Imma fine my name is.... what is yours?...Day after day you meet people and they just want to play the game of " GUESS WHO i AM AND WHAT i WANT"Day after day you meet people that mess up your day by creating lies that give false hope and illusions that shatter in moment..seconds after you met.Day after day I try not to give up....Its been six months my ex broke up with me and its been six months that he has bug me for a chance.Day after day I meet potential people and my ex@#$% it up. Today this blog I will remember because its written with a decision  in my heart of finally pulling out my ex out of my life for ever.Today I have finally decide to start anew and give another a chance.Today I dream but standing in reality with a man that wants me.Today this blog which is simple holds more power than all I have written ...because it has been written with a decision in heart of forgetting my soul mate and walking away.Adios dios de bendiga...Te quiero siempre que te vaya bien...payaso negro mio  august 2010

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