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everyone says you could fall in love once

    • everyone says  you could only fall in love once.thats not true,cuz every time i see your face i fall in love all over again.kiss me,hold me,and tell me you love me.your love have got my head spinning.i wish you'd open your eyes and realize i'm completely crazy bout you.i does it feel to know that you are the only one i need.i promise i will never forget the last time we kissed or the last time we met.all i want is you.and you will never get anyone as good for you as me....i won't cry cause u done.letting go isn't giving up it's accepting that something aren't meant to be.if you love someone tell them.broken heart are often caused by unspoken words.if you can't get someone out of your head,maybe they're supposed to be there..a minute in your arms is like a minute in heaven,you walked rigth into my heart.i want to spend forever in your arms

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