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Every were u r ,ill be thier 4 u

kee p ure hAND in my hand and come with me 2 build our world.
cuze with u my heart is in a journy , a journy 2 a wonderfull world full of love.
I love to heare from u and if u r not thier i would simply get washed
away frm this dirty world cuze ur the reason y im alive.

baby ure smile make my life full of joy ,it wash away all the pain and make
me feel to gude that i wanna scream ure name to make people know wat
kinde of angel i do have
baby ur the 2nd half of me with u im a complete person but without u im empty within.
i love u and i gonna shout it loud.

Every were ur ill be thier 4 u

, ,

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