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Endless Nights.

Endless nights in our lover's arms,Searching tenderly the other's charms.Breathless with expectation,At our lover's reciprocation.Whispering warmly our inner desires,Enflaming the other's erotic fires.Bodies in perfect silhouette,Exploitation without regret.Expressing feelings like lovers do,Older promises made anew.Wishing a future that dreams come true,Special days for me and you.Loving you for who you are,You were an easy choice by far.Through timeless days and endless nights,Expressing and trusting in mutual delights.Each reading the other's thoughts,To simply honour our code of trust.Never floundering like stricken yachts,We change our tack and readjust.Delighting in our destiny's course,Created by an all powerful force.Guided along an unknown path,A trust in Providence we hath.Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008

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