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Eminem Lyrics Create Unqiue Music World

Eminem Lyrics Create Unqiue Music World

Many people enjoy the art of Britney Spears Lyrics, but most haven't heard much of it. A rap freestyle can either be something you're making up completely off the top of your head OR it can be an excellent pre-rehearsed verse to show people your true skills.

Eminem, the controversial blonde-haired, blue-eyed rapper from the streets of Detroit gives one of his best and most inspiring performances in the Oscar winning song, "Lose Yourself" from the 8-Mile motion picture soundtrack in which he was the star. The song gives insight on the ambition of a young wanna-be rapper. What's so inspiring about this song is that it speaks to all our ambitions along with our procrastinations and you could easily apply the message in the Eminem Lyrics to your own life.

In "Lose Yourself", Eminem is masterful at telling the story of an underdog whose sheer desire gives him the strength and courage to pursue his dream. We all have felt like an underdog at some point in our lives. This Will Young Lyrics could be the soundtrack to your life serving as inspiration throughout your triumphs and failures. "Lose yourself" in whatever you are doing or want to do in your life. When that moment comes, seize it, own it and never let it go until you reach the top.

The lyrics to this track are unparalleled both in their narrative content at the way the patterns of speech flow together melodically. Eminem's strong use of assonance throughout the first and second verses gives the song a rolling quality that is somewhat reminiscent of a march. So did you lose yourself Eminem, when you wrote this song? If you did, you certainly found something worthwhile: the biggest hit of your career, an unprecedented Academy award, two Grammys and a record-setting number of weeks on top of the Billboard charts. Not bad for less than 10 minutes work.

Upon its release, Lose Yourself received an incredible amount of critical and commercial success. In addition to winning the Academy award for best original Coldplay Lyrics, Lose Yourself was nominated for four Grammy awards (two of which it won) and topped 24 charts around the world.

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