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earth angel...

Let me bury myself so deep into your heart, let me feel the warmth of your touch, the taste of your lips. Never let me fall never let me fail, shelter me oh angel, shield me with your wings, warm me with your arms. Let me into your heart sweet earth angel, my oath is wrought in the foundations of my soul my heart my spirit,all these belong too you they’ve always been yours, and will always remain so. oh dear sweet angel shelter me now shield me with your wings for i’m so lost in the darkness of the unknown of the uncertain, my soul my heart my spirit are yours protect them the darkness the unknown has grasp my mind, i exist on the boundry of light and dark...oh earth angel shield me shelter me, take my body and hold it tight  cover me, surround me dont let go...whisper you love me, my oath is set wrought so strong, never fail, never hurt, never betray, too always love, too always cherish. Oh earth angel youve gave so  much your heart, i shall keep as my own as long as you wish. Your womanhood, your thoughts, your dreams you’ve lay before me. I given so little, dear sweet earth angel the drakness takes me plunged into turmoil, oh angel shield me shelter me, oh earth angek will you save me, take me away dear sweet earth angel will you bury me...bury me deep inside your heart.




I exist..i exist only as a shadow... a shadow of my love .... love of you..earth angel did you bury me? Bury me so deep inside your heart? If so why am i drowning in fear, did you cast down my love, my passion, my soul, my spirit or is this swirlling spinning whirlwind the maelstrom of love, no, im drowning in the uncertain the unknown i’m losing my grip on life, oh earth angel without you i can’t exist come cover me, come hold me, shield me now and forever beneth your wings, make these walls, this darkness the fear disappear...i here a distant voice a heavenly call, a hand glowing pale, cover me hold me shelter me, the touch so warm and loving, lips so divine and smooth, oh angel you held our heart, together they climb and twist... not as two but as one, busy me sweet earth angel so deep, i can’t live without your heart it beats as mine, we hold we embrace, my oath will not fail i hold you, my love is unyielding undying oh sweet dear earth angelmlet me take you into my arms let me protect you as you have me, we kiss a warm inferno fierce and undeniable, this is a maelstrom..a maelstrom of our love.............






It all begins too clear, i lie in bed, unmoving darkness surrounds me, was it all a dream is this my fate? Dark, the unknown the uncertain, a breath not my own, i turn, no it wasnt a dream..my sweet earth angel has always been there shielding me, protecting me with her invisable wings, caring and caressing me her, our hearts always beated as one, withoout her i couldnt exist my love for you sweet earth angel is my passion my spirit my soul, oh dear sweet angel never leave, never go where i can’t follow, dear sweet angel bury me...bury me inside your heart.... forever

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