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dream field

i dreamed a dream last night,

and i become a sower in a field,

a field i never saw,

a field of rich soil.

i sowed  seeds many a lot,

till the shedding of the moon light.

i sowed them by day,

and watered them by night,

and prayed in my heart,

that they'd all bear good fruit.

i prayed and prayed,

till the first bud sprouted,

in surprise i shouted,

"the first born!"

then a miracle happened,

all the seeds were all wakened up

raising their little heads,

and smiling like little kids.

the sun was over my head,

pouring his light like mad.

but all the buds loved the warm air,

bathing with their body bare.

and i prayed i could be like them,

that i could experience the same,

thus i prayed, and dreamed,

and lo! between the buds,

a new one comes,

smiling like a child,

raising his head up,

taking the sap of that great light.


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    • You do have such a beautiful way with words... I hope that is you reaching between the other buds, smiling and seeking the great sunlight...
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