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Dragonfly (Stale Metamorphasis)

In the Depth of the stars,In the waters of your soul.With every grasp of my life,I fall into an abyss of cold.Scattered faces of truth,All lost to broken lies.Memories we once had,Now lost to demon skies.All that is left of your eyes,Are tear drops of solid ice.Pearcing my skin to tender bones,Agony of pain that will not suffice.The moon is crying and crying,The heavens call my name.What purpose shall I serve now?When I am falling into flames.I lay here hurt and dying,My faith saves me no more.Why have You forsaken me?My spirit is numb and sore.Standing in a shadow realm,With no one to be seen.In the distant shadows a Dragonfly,Torments me in an eternal dream.


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