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dont fool around

If I loved myself and loved what I really had to offer to myself I probably would be less scared of what other people might think of me. I probably would not make such rational decisions. I would treat myself with respect. I have been there once before. It’s really weird to think that I don’t love myself for who I am. But the first step is to not deny the truth. The second step is to give it up. The last and final step is to be me and not worry about what other people may say or think. If I knew what everyone was thinking about when they think about me I’d probably be hurt by the truth. I think that the reason, for the most part about me making rational decisions is because I didn’t have the respect for myself and my body. I keep hearing mixed sides. “Life’s too short, live it up.” “Don’t give up on what you want in life and don’t give into what you don’t.” it’s hard to distinguish what is right or wrong. When you hangout with the good crowd and the next day it’s the bad crowd; you listen to both sides and hear right and wrong. But what’s right I ask? My heart goes one way and my head goes another. I know right is right? But honestly what is truly right? You see, maybe it’s my age that makes this so difficult. But I really want to know the right answer…




Here is something I have written:




Don’t Fool Around




Don’t fool around with the truth,


& don’t get lost in your lies.




They find away to ruin what’s good,


& hurt what’s right.

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