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Don't read

So I'm back and I'm back and I'm back
Heres another rap for tha actor
Probably dissing actors leaving a fracture
You better run quickly before they catch yah
Leave this drama behind and live yah life yeah.
I used to know this gangster wannabe
That was always trying to spit this shit tryna make a new hit
All a sudden he tried to cuss me out of the game
A new day came when he bought shame to his name
Niggas like you won't last in the game because your now in the hall of shame
Like damn you thought you was even bigger
Was thinking  rollin' up and click click pow press the triger and wow
Next time don't be cocky or I won't even accept yah
You betta realize I'ma act ta real show if you show your face again
if I see you approach me you better know whats 'bout to happen
Talking 'bout they're gunna try and fade me
Some dude trying to claim as a rapper than hes better off a clapper
It's like oh shit here comes Mr. Ruthless
Demolition man M A S S M U R D E R
To the double M M you know
Life has came to a mothafucking riot
Down to the uk I'ma put it down for once
Everyday I put on the headphones rappin' away that mic yeah
The lyrics are straight clean having no trouble without slang
My friends havn't broken the law even once so we're good
I don't roll wit guns and knifes just be using strength and it's all good
Life feels like a boot camp life keeps getting damp with ramps in the way
Haters go back where you were came from cos I don't give a double fuck what you say

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