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Don't Move

I would dream a deep and passionate dream, where we both lay naked and free. You are standing behind me. Your hands are caressing my every curve. You gently grab both my hands and raise them slowly towards the wall. With both my hands planted firmly against the wall, you sweetly, sexily whisper in my ear, "Don't Move" I stand still, ready for whatever. I can't see you but ohhhh can I feel you.

There's a kiss on the nape of my neck, another on each of my shoulders, another at the center of my back. My legs start to tremble. "Don't move" you whisper again, but never stopping the pleasure you are giving me. Your hands steady my legs and spread them apart. I lean my head into the wall making sure to keep my hands in place. They are sweaty and trembling but never leave the wall. Your hands steady my legs and spread them apart. I gasp but I follow your lead. Your kisses are getting softer...almost to a fade. Soon, I realize you are kneeling.Your hand makes its way to my wet and throbbing ocean of love. My knees start to tremble. You take one hand and brace me but never miss a beat with the other. Caressing and stroking ever so gently from behind. Im dripping with juices......heat arising in me....hands almost in a fist but still holding the wall...head tilted back...and without notice, you stand up and enter me fully. Caressing my body, loving rhythmically. First its slow and gentle thrusts, deep as deep can go...I'm about to lose my mind....lips are dry, eyes closed shut, I can feel you in my spirit....your love touching my soul. Then without warning, as if you can read my mind, you thrust deeper, faster, harder and harder until we both climax beyond limitations. And as our bodies settle down and our hearts return to normal pace, you sweetly, sexily whisper in my ear "I love you mami" and with every ounce of will, I whisper back "I love you too papi"....I can see you know...and oh can I feel you...in my soul.......and the night is beautiful once again.

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