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Define Beauty!!

They say beauty is undefined, But thats exactly what i see when

Her body and my arms are intertwined

She's fine, the type of beauty even sought out by the blind

So elequently shaped to perfection

Her presence is a blessin' will stimulate u without the need

Of Undressing

Yea im talking about her essence

The mere thought of her..... Impressin'

And the sight of her..... Obsession

They ask how i feel about her

I cant answer that question cuz when present i jus go numb

Ever been around someonoe and when u went to speak

The only thing u could say was..... Mm Mm Mm?!?!?!?

For her i would travel through time, find the finest bottle of wine

The highest mountain i would climb and she wouldn't even have to be mine

Jus for an ounce of her time to show her how devine a love like mine...... Is

Above nothing but beneath noone, she stands alone free of a clone

She is truly in a league of her own........ Beautiful

Passion is a gift lust is a curse damned are all things which put it first!

I am not free of sin nor do i judge but the message needs to be heard nonetheless!!


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