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Death isnt always the answer

this is a song i just wrote i just got it copy written so im now posting it on hear im working on the music for it right now its going to be on the album im recording right now please give me your opinion of it I live on time I borrow
And all I feel is sorrow
Constant thoughts of my past
Oh god how long is this going to last
I feel like I've been thrown in hell
Oh please just cast your spell
To take this pain away
Its all I feel each and every day
Flash backs of the good and the bad
Invade my mind of what I once had My life I am no longer liven
As you have heard that's a given
For me there is no other way
With nothing left for me to stay
I will not go through this again
So I commit the ultimate sin
As my mind slowly begins to fade
I now wish I would have stayed
Oh god what have I gone and done
Please save me through you only begotten son
I have fallen down onto my knees
I hope and pray that my lord sees
Hopefully I'm not to late
Just one more chance at a clean slate
Oh god I beg you for your forgiveness
For my lord Jesus is my only witness
As I take my last breath I've come to know death
Please open your eyes
And don't listen to his lies
For I have gone and sealed my fateBut for all of you its not to late

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