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Dear Facebook, Please give her back

Dear Facebook,

Facebook has honestly ruined my life. My girlfriend feels the need to become anorexic to match the people online. She can not truly see that I love her for who she is. Now all she does is threaten to hurt herself because she believes I will leave her for someone on Facebook. She will no longer see that the happiest I have ever been is with her. All she sees is what she sees on Facebook. We are still together. But I miss her. I miss the woman that wasn't obsessed about a website and other people and was just obsessed about being happy and being with me. I wish you could actually meet her. She's a beautiful girl, with an even more amazing heart. I know she's still that girl. I know none of it is really personal. She is just scared. I'm there for her. I wish she could understand it. I'm here for her. And I always will. I know someday things will get back on track, and I'm hoping tonight is the first step in the right direction. If not, tomorrow will. I won't give up til she sees how beautiful and wonderful she is even if it takes me the rest of my life. I love her. I miss her. Please give her back to me.

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