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Darkness all around me

The darkness all around me,
I cant see a thing and i dont know weather i want to either,
The feelings im feeling are so strong i cant fight aganisted the pain im feeling.
I continue to see complete darkness.
It feels as though the ground is vanishing from under my cold and bruised feet.
It scares me so much knowing how fast im dying from the inside.
Will this feeling ever stop before its too late.
Ive been living in a night mare for what feels like a life time.
The tears that continue to fall from my eyes are now leaving red raw scars.
Im only a young girl, only 18 and ive been throw hell and i wish it upon no-one.
If i could forget it would be a dream come true but im not that lucky, far from it actually.
Im a young 18yr old girl trying to live her life without the memmiors and the nights i wake up screaming,
im so hurt right now and have been almost my whole life.
I pray so hard to god everynight asking him oh so nicely to end this pain but theres never a reply.
I just wish that i would drop dead where ever and how ever so i dont have to feel this pain anymore.
Nothing will help me excape this cold and crewl world i live in,
am i going to be stuck here forever alone in this darkness, if so maybe i might do myself the favour,
and say goodbye forever.

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