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Daddy Stop...

She sits in the corner

All balled up



What could she do?

Why was it happening?

Her mother was hit before

More than once

By her father…

Everything was fine…

Right? …

It seemed that way,

But everything was not fine

Her mother has been hurt

Both physically and emotionally

Her problem is

She hurts too,

This is because she can’t do anything

Nothing to do

She sits there and watches

As tears fall down her face

All the pain she holds

Wishing he would hit her instead

In this thought

She screams, “STOP!”

Wanting to distract him

So her mother could run

But her mother

In protection of her baby

Stays there so he wouldn’t come after her

She begs her father to stop

He does for now…

As he walks out of the room

Only to get a belt

She should’ve kept her mouth shut

But at least her mother is away for now

She lets him beat her

He then stops

She looks at him in tears

He walks out the door

She runs into her mothers arms

Her mother kisses her forehead

She kisses her mother

She says, “I love you mom”

“I did this for you”

Her mother silences her

Her mother knows it’s not over

She wishes it was

Her mother knows when she speaks out of turn


Here we go again…

Right back to the beginning…

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