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Could it be Love ?

Is it love,when I spend all day thinking about you tell me it's lovwhen all i can do is cry cause I know I cant have you

it must be love.remember all the good times we had....Can it possibly be love When i get happy everyday you talk to me...Let it be love

When I feel like you're the only for me,Will it be love,When it to just be a friend..Can it be love,When I pretend that you have no place in my heart...Is is still love,When you are with someone else..I pray every day that what I feel fr you is love, no matter what in my heart ....I feel THIS IS LOVE! the true meaning of love, when I cry my self to sleep and think of you

constantly.the true meaning of love, when I am willing to let you for your personal,happiness

Seeing you happy makes me happy...Is that love! Forever emotionally attached to you, for being my first love, I hope its love.I THINK IT IS LOVE!!! ..idk but i still love you no matter what...your

memories will stay in my heart forever

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