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Come Back Baby

Come Back Baby (Ete)
You're the one that make me laugh,
You're the reason that makes me cry.
But when I'm low I really need you.
Promise you'll be there....Atleast Try.
The fun we had,
The times we spent,
The comments,
The stupid bets,
Its something precious and something ill never forget.
The bunking of lecture,
The Smokes, the booze,
U spoilt me you Bytch !
But I still Love You...
You're a brat, A devil in Disguise
But I yet need you cause you make me feel nice.
Bang Bang You Shot Me Down...Is Our Song...
For All Eternity hear this song...
I need you and I know you need me too,
Don't hurt me baby and I promise ill be your only sweetu,
I know you in and out,
Dominating, Arrogant,
Spoilt lil kid is what ill shout
You'll Pinch You'll Bite,
You'll never forget to mes my hair
But the hugs and kisses makes up for every evil thing you do. I Swear !!
You hold me like you'll never let me go,
I've never felt like this before...
I cant sleep without saying goodnight
And my mornings go nice only after hearing your voice.
So please baby,
It's a request
Don't leave me...
Its my life, not some kind of test...
Ill break down if you do,
You mean a lot to me,
You know its true...I TRULY LOVE YOU
(Summer '09)

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