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Changes In Time

Somewhere along the way we became distant.
We let time get the best of us.
Time is something we still don’t value as much anymore.
Remember when life was a dream and being young was so innocent?
Those were good days.
We didn’t have much worries and the summers seem to be our heaven.
Time has changed.
We have changed. Eventually we grew apart. Throughout the years those lectures made our dream become a realistic reality. The summers seem to be just hot and the concerns grew rapidly. Growing up decreased our time together. Made us change priorities and somehow who we are. Time is so precious when you really reflect how it was spent. Did I ever say ‘I love you’? but meant it? Did I know what such emotion felt like then? Would it even come close to what I feel now for you? The universe is unique but predicable. When you really put much thought you will realize it’s just a circle. Some call this a ‘Circle of Life’ Others may call it ‘Destiny’ I don’t claim to be a philosopher but I can’t help to make time valuable. To cherish the most littlest moments. The ones that captures our smile and open our hearts to a new reality. My thoughts have numbed me. For what I feel is nothing more than an illusion. How can one feel something that is not real? I dreamt of you many years ago. When my dreams were encouraged and prayers brought us closer together. I remember watching you brushing your hair off your face as the wind blew. Uncovering your smile…the one that forever is engraved in my spiritual heart. I didn’t think you were real. Then I met you. At an unexpected place at an unexpected time. We shared moments…moments is what we had. Time is what was left. Sometimes I wish we haven’t met. Because time would have never existed between us. The clock started when he finally saw each other. Time is what I wish I had more of. More time to know you. Because of time it changed us. The world around us. It created a new reality. You had to depart and so did I. Change comes with time….and time is always in search of change. Because of this change we will never have time.

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