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burning coal

In the darkness
and in the stillness of the morning
I have a hollow thought
that comes without warning
Should I go on
or should I not
This life of struggle
now half heartedly fought
Sleeplessly I kept the coal fire burning
torn between fear and fascination
That the stove of necessity treatened
either heat or home incineration
With door open I gazed inside
and felt the burning warmth upon my face
lured into the hot orange fire
blue flames dance and each other chase
Coal was made just to burn
what other purpose does it fill
And what purpose do I have I wonder
and not knowing I again feel ill
So I heat a pot of water upon the stove
and watch it begin to boil
and brew a cup of tea
as my mind burns its midnight oil
I feel the lure of the fire
and watch it from my chair
and at its random dancing
I stare and lose my care
Whatever was my reason
isn't anywhere
Its just a staying warm tonight
thoughts now lost like dreams in the coal's burning glare
©  James T. Adair

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