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Broken Promises

Iv been filled with broken promises, lies from you is all i know. Seeing you with her reminds me how I shouldv known. I shouldv stayed away from you, being hurt i guess im used to. But these broken promises are getting old, from him and you I guess i knew so. I fell for the both of you, you were second after him. Yet you both did the same to me and left me feeling dead. Im doing this alone, my friends dont understand. They say I deserve better but nothing feels right these days. Well take a couple steps in my shoes, im sure youll fall right on through. I know I may not be the only one, but these broken promises are what im used to. So lie to me as much as you can, pull me to the ground. Shatter my heart and dreams but dont you ever forget. Your the one who did this to me, these feelings will not be erased. Your both responsible for for my broken heart, I guess it could be my fault. I fell for one then the other then went back to one. When I fell for one he was the one I loved and never thought it would be so, I ignored the feelings and went on through and now your with her. Im no longer ignoring how I feel because I cant stand seeing you with her. I still have these feelings I know you still do too. So dont break your promise, the promise "ill forever love you". And I know how you felt when I went to one of your friends, Im ashamed of how I did this and im sorry for what I did. You told me hed hurt me and this was so very true. I was scared of being close to you cause I didnt know what to expect, so I went to him and im kinda full of regrets. He cheated on me even though we weren't official, he was with her all night and I shouldv listened. But you said youd have my back , you even said youd kick his @$$. You promised me that, and im still filled of broken promises. You told me you dont care anymore, I guess i do deserve this. But I want you to know you were right about this. And I want you to knowi cant do this all alone. Im so sorry im sure Iv damaged this enough. So I dont know if youll come back after her but ill be waiting for you.

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