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Broken heart

Submitted by Shorty E-mail: diamante_hielo@hotmail.com Told me you loved me with all your heart Promised me we’ll never be apart Called me your first and only sweet heart I was blindly in love wit you Even calling you my boo But you thought you could have two Didn’t think I'd ever have a clue Or did you think it wasn’t that big of an issue But I must leave I wish you wouldn’t have deceived me You should have known it would have made me angry But I still dnt know would you want to play me After all I gave it to you nightly You said I was your shorty Now you're saying that you're sorry Telling me that you were just acting silly But I belive tat barely I’ve heard better stories Saying that you're gonna miss me dearly I know I'll miss you calling me your hunny and being cozy But I know tat being with you is risky Now that I know you have a history You like to be flirty, Havin lots of ladys


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